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Hello beautiful families,

For the last full day at kindy, we had fun and played with all of our friends. Everybody from babies 1 and 2 gathered in the yard today to enjoy different activities. The babies liked to draw at the table or under ;). The crayons tasted delicious apparently. When they finished they enjoyed getting refreshed  with the water play. They laughed and were having so much fun with the water and the plastic animals.

The babies explored the yard and the toys. They liked to pushed the trolleys, and climbed on the soft blocks. They played with miss Dressa who was making them fly around. So many laughs. Tomorrow is gonna be our last day and we will have an early finish at 2pm. We would like to thank every families for this wonderful year. We have so many beautiful memories with our little ones, they made us laugh so much and it was such a pleasure to see them grow. Thank you so much for all this time shared together. We wish you a Merry Christmas with your family and friends.

Sending lots of love.

Miss Elizabeth and miss Aurelie