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Today in the baby’s room we started our day playing in the babies 2 room while we waited for all of our friends to arrive. Once we were all here we decided to separate into our own room for some yummy morning tea of fresh fruit and fruit puree.
We then decided to follow Sahara’s interest of paper and thought that making streamers using different coloured crape paper would be lots of fun. Miss Camila found the paper in the cardboard and started making the streamers. Aura absolute loved scrunching the crape paper between her fingers and stayed engaged in the activity for quite a long time. Sahara smiled the whole time playing with the paper and then waving in around in the air. Poppy was also a very keen and enthusiastic participant in this experiences loving flapping the paper around in both hands. Neveah likewise found this activity lots of fun and enjoyed babbling and making lots of different noises while playing. Playing with different sensory items such as crape paper allows our babies to learn about lots of different textures.
After of fun paper morning we ventured outside into the sandpit yard where Miss Camila took a group time. Our children gathered around to listen to songs and nursery rhymes. Teddy then deicide to branch off into a role playing experience using the toy phone. He then thought he would practice his gross motor skills by using the walkers to navigate around the yard. Travis sparkled outside playing with the water play station, and was happy and content splashing the water. Aura showed interest in the water play and when she was placed into the water seemed amazed at looking at her legs through the water.


24 Aura 24 Neveah 24 Poppy