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Happy Wednesday everyone!


How lovely is to to see the beautiful sunshine out again after all of them days of rain. Mason was first to arrive and gave Miss Bronagh lots of cuddles and smiles before he went off to play. Mason had fun using the walkers to help him walk more confidently around the yard. Mason then wanted to sit at the table and play with the wooden blocks, looking at the different colours they had. Mason then played in the cubby house, playing peekaboo with Miss Bronagh. Holly arrived and when she came in, she went over to the balls and the rolling butterfly and began playing with them. Kira and Conor joined us a while later, Conor had a big cuddle with Miss Bronagh then ventured off to play with the soft foam blocks, climbing over them, then playing with the boys in the cubby house, chasing each other and hiding from each other. Kira stayed with Miss Bronagh and danced with her. Kira was pulling herself up onto her feet using her arms whilst holding Miss Bronagh’s fingers and moving her body side to side to the music. Alex and Adelin arrived just as we started to transition inside for morning tea. We called our friends in one by one to chance nappies, wash hands and get ready for morning tea.

After morning tea Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh sat with the babies and did a longer group time. We sung:

  • See the little bunnies sleeping, see the little chickens sleeping.
  • Mr peter rabbit
  • Aboriginal acknowledgment
  • Old Mc Donald had a farm – on that farm they found a chicken.
  • There was a farmer who had a rabbit and bunny was his name oh B-U-N-N-Y, B-U-N-N-Y and bunny is his name oh”

To finish up the group time we called each child’s name with a song and sung “ I wonder what your name is I would like to know”. All the babies went off to play.

For activity time the babies enjoyed self selected activities and art. In home corner Conor and mason played with the taps, sensory bottles and pans. The boys experimented with the sounds of their items and tapped them on the floor or together. Holly and Adelin loved painting and used the paintbrush to scoop the colors from the pot on to their blank canvas. Kira went over to the self care corner and jumped inside the hammock when Miss Bronagh strapped her in she was full of smiles as she let the hammock take her for a bouncy ride. Alex and Conor used their time to explore the computers and the car garage. The car garage encouraged the babies to use their cognitive skills to turn the key and open the door. Yuna came a little later and enjoyed the quiet area with the Sophie doll. When lunch was ready the babies loved gobbling up all the salmon pasta!

Overall, it has been a great day,

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh