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We had a lovely day in our Babies room today. To start our day, we combined with the other babies room in the playground. As more children arrived, we went into our own room to have some morning tea. When we had finished, some of the babies had their morning nap, while the others stayed up and played out in the yard. Travis, Teddy, Nevaeh and Amelia had such a great time in the sandpit with the buckets and spades. Chloe loved climbing up the steps of the fort so she could slide down the other side. When Fynn saw how much fun that looked, he joined in to have a slide as well.
Our inside group time was all about singing today. We sang “Twinkle Twinkle”, “If you’re happy and you know it”, “Open Shut them”, and many more. We also read a Farm Stories book then sang “Old McDonald had a Farm” and pointed to all the animals we had found in the book.
After we had afternoon tea, we got our jumpers and shoes back on and went outside for a little more play before it got too cool. We joined up with our friends from next door again to read some stories and have a late afternoon snack while we waited to be picked up to go home.
Thank you for our great day Babies 1………..


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