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Dear families,

First of all, change of plan for the Christmas party on the 11th of December on the invite you will see that it says bring a plate for all to share, we will now be providing the food so you don’t have to worry I will be putting out a paper with names on so that you can circle if you are coming so we can see numbers and how many to cater for, thank you.

Let’s get into our day. It has been a very exciting day at kindy. The boys were so happy to see each other this morning and we started the day together by building  some towers with the soft blocks. We loved hitting it and seeing the towers collapsing on us. We laughed out loud. We had to built it again, and again and again.Then we set up the soft blocks in a different with miss Aurelie in order to practice our jumps.  We had different heights so each one of us could be challenged. We improved so much in the last few weeks. It’s incredible!

After our morning tea, we did more Christmas art. We all painted a Christmas wreith in Green. That was the first step of this project. We enjoyed doing this activity on the floor together and getting a bit messy. Once we finished went to the bathroom to wash our hands with miss Aurelie.

It was the time to go out and get some fresh air !! We ran in to the yard. We liked to ride bikes but also hide in the Cubby house. We like to explored the toy box to find our favorite toy. We played with the ball and crawled on the soft blocks. We also bounced on the big yellow ball with miss Dressa.

Thank you so much Babies for this excellent day !

Miss Elizabeth and miss Aurelie