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Hello beautiful Families,

What a fun Thursday we had in babies 1 !! Today we had a disco party in the cot room. WoW !!!!  The disco ball was on, the playlist as well and we danced danced danced like no on is watching. We loved listen to the song “Happy” and “Can’t stop the feeling” and moving our little bodies around. That was so much fun. We were so excited.

Then we went outside for a play with miss Aurelie and miss Elizabeth.  Kobe practiced his balance on the wooden bridge in reverse. Mannie and Max liked to climb on the frog. Miss Aurelie  also gave us tickles and we laughed out load. Some breaks were helping us to find our breath back. Maxi liked to ride the bike with Leah. While Oaklyn was asking for more tickles with miss Aurelie. Haruto checked what was in his bag and enjoyed climbing on the frog and jumping in Elizabeth arms. No fears !!!

Thank you so much for another fun day

Miss Elizabeth and miss Aurelie