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This morning Mason, Holly and Conor were busy little bees exploring the yard. Conor loved playing on the giant frog and looked into its big eyes and smiled, when he was finished observing the frog, he sat on a basketball and rolled it around. Mason and Holly gravitated to the book corner to look at some books. As the babies read some books Miss Des’ree did a small group time and sung:

  • Open shut them,
  • Timmy turtle,
  • If your happy and you know it.


Alex and Adelin came next and enjoyed some cuddles with Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh before looking at some books then we all came inside. Amilla and Kira arrived just in time to join us for morning tea.

While Miss Des’ree went on her programming time, Miss Jess helped in our classroom. Miss Jess put Alex and Mason to sleep while Miss Bronagh did group time with Conor, Amilla, Kira, Adelin and Holly. We all sat together on the mat and first we sang, ‘open, close then,’ ‘5 little speckled frogs,’ ‘The wheels on the bus,’ and ‘5 little ducks.’ Holly clapped along with the music and did the actions for ‘open, shut them.’ Conor stood up and wanted to move his body to the music. I think Conor’s favourite song is ‘The wheels on the bus,’ as he got so excited when Miss Bronagh sang it. Kira also joined in by clapping her hands to the music and cheering when the signing stopped. Adelin sat beside Miss Bronagh and was listening to her signing.

For our activity time today, we decided to use different sensory items for the children to use to make their own picture. Miss Bronagh got some blue and pink paint, mixed with glue, with some cotton buds, feathers, and rice. Miss Bronagh laid all the items on the table. Our friends then came and sat round the table together, in their chairs and put their snogs on to try and keep their lovely clothes clean. Holly enjoyed the feathers, she picked them up and rubbed the feather along her face, Holly then put the feather on Miss Bronagh face, “oooo tickly,” Holly laughed and continued to play with the feathers. Amilla enjoyed using her paintbrush to dip into the paint and paint her page. First, Amilla used the pick paint, then the blue paint, then she mixed both colours together. Conor enjoyed putting paint on to his page, then getting the cotton balls to stick onto his page. Conor was laughing as the cotton balls were sticking to his hand. With the help of Miss Bronagh, we managed to get them stuck onto his page. Kira seemed to only want to put the rice in her month and taste it, she must have enjoyed the rice as she went for more. Miss Bronagh encouraged Kira to try the paint with her paintbrush. Adelin felt the cotton balls in her hands, she squished them in her hands, then open her hands and the cotton balls bounced back again. Adelin repeated this action a few times, before getting her fingers into the paint and putting it onto her page. I think Adelin likes getting her fingers dirty! Great job friends. Once we tidied our mess, we opened the doors, and our friends ran outside. Miss Bronagh brought the music outside. We played ‘The Wiggles,’ and our friends started to dance when Miss Bronagh was dancing. Mason and Alex woke from their nap and came outside to join us. When Mason seen us dancing, he quickly smiled and ran to us to join it. After we danced sone, Conor and Holly wanted to build a tower and knock it down. Adelin was feeling a little sad at this point, so she got lots of cuddles with Miss Jess. Miss Bronagh helped Conor and Holly build a tower. We used the big foam blocks, Holly and Conor helped picked up the blocks and hand them to Miss Bronagh, Conor got so eager to knock them down, when he did, he was so happy. Together Holly and Conor tried to build their own by themselves. Miss Jess then read some lovely stories to Adelin, Alex and Kira. She read ‘peekaboo baby,’ ‘counting sheep,’ and ‘Teddy bear, teddy bear. All our friends had lots of fun outside, before we moved back inside for nappy changes and lunch time.


Today has been a great day,


Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh