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Hello beautiful families,

Today is another day in Babies 1 where we learnt and discovered new things. We had a sensory activity, making some black playdough for Halloween! We could play with plastic spiders, ghosts, pumpkin, bats and snakes as well. We had fun rolling the playdough with our hands, making pieces of it and we know we can’t do it but we even ate some. Oh!Oh! The teachers said.

We went outside afterwards. We had so much fun on a big obstacles course. We had to climb, crawl, going up the stairs and down on the wooden bridge, run and slalom between the soft blocks, and jump. We loved it. It was so much fun. Miss Dressa made some bubbles as well. We ran everywhere trying to catch them.

Oh what a day !!!

Thank you so much Babies one !

Miss Elizabeth and miss Aurelie