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Hello beautiful families,

We are getting closer from Halloween and this morning we had a fun science activity and made some crazy Halloween cooking. Some funny Halloween creatures were with us as well today. They looked so cute. Thank you.

We started by make the pinky slime, our science activity, with miss Elizabeth. the texture was funny and didn’t feel like it look like. We had so much fun to play with it and stirring it in the chaudron with the spiders, and globules eyes. It was like we were making a magic potion.

Then we made some swamp monsters. We loved it because we used melted chocolate and crunchy noodles. That was so delicious to lick the bowls with our fingers. Yumm!!!

We had a vociferous play after that so it was the time to go outside and let the energy out. We ran, climbed on the soft blocks, tape on the big yellow ball. We sat down also with miss Aurelie and talked about the colors.

Thank you so much babies, we love you. Don’t forget to come dress with your favourite Halloween costume tomorrow.

Miss Elizabeth and miss Aurelie