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Today in the baby’s room we started our day playing next door with our friends from the babies 2 room. Poppy liked looking at all the different books that they have in the other room and liked exploring the mat Travis was very keen to explore the castle cubby house and seemed to have lots of fun crawling in and out.
After sitting down for our yummy morning tea of fresh fruit we decided to venture outside for a quick play before it started to rain. We didn’t get much of a play in before the rain but we did manage a little play with the water play station. Poppy, Travis and Blaze liked splashing the water and had lots of fun socializing and interacting with each other.
For our group time Miss Katrina provided us with a play dough experience. Play dough is very important for our baby’s gross motor skills and it also helps with their cognitive, social and emotional development. Sahara wasn’t exactly sure what to do with it but with role modelling from her educators gave the experience a go and was happy and engaged throughout the activity.
To extend on poppy’s interest of noises, we provided the babies with many different toys and objects that made different noises. There were shakers, drums, pasta bottle shakers, bowels and spoons and blocks to bang. All the babies enjoyed making lots of different sounds with these objects. Nevaeh loved turning the xylophone over and using the stick to make a completely different sound. Max liked banging the blocks together to see what noises he could make. Aura was calm and content to watch her friends play and enjoyed one on one time with her educators.