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Today in the baby’s room we stated our day with inside/outside play with our friends from the babies 2 room. Fynn loved exploring all the different play areas of the room and was a very keen to explore under the table and loved looking at all the different toys. Teddy enjoyed the sensory wall up In the babies 2 room. He was very curious as to all the different textures and enjoyed squishing the coloured gel.
We then ventured into our own room where we sat down for our delicious morning tea of fresh fruit and yoghurt. Most of our friends then went down for their morning sleep. Poppy relished in this time as she engaged and loved interacting with her educators in one on one time. Poppy was happily babbling and smiling as she played peek a boo with Miss Katrina and told her lots of different stories.
Once we were all rested and feeling fresh we decided to go outside for a play in the beautiful sunshine. Travis enjoyed playing and engaging in the water play station and loved splashing the water everywhere, Max was also a keen participant in the water play station and loved interacting with his friends while playing. Amelia was happy to explore all the different areas of the yard.
To extend on our sensory fun from this morning Miss Lorraine made some gloopy squishy slime to play with. Our babies weren’t keen to explore this experience a lot. Chloe was inquisitive as to what the goop was but then tried to eat it. All of our babies love to sing and dance so we provided our babies with some fun up beat music to dance and groove to.
It is Nevaeh’s first birthday today so to celebrate this occasion Nevaeh’s mummy brought in a yummy chocolate cake for us to share and enjoy. Thank you and a big happy birthday to NevaehDSC00027 DSC00023 DSC00018 DSC00011