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Welcome to another Wednesday in the Babies 1 room. This morning Yuna laid on the soft fall mattresses outside until she was ready to have a play, she decided to explore the books and obstacle course. It was a slow start to the day and the next person to arrive was Conor and Adelin. Conor played with Millie and Quin from babies 2, the little munchkins went to the cubby house and loved playing peek-a-boo. Adelin gave a quick cuddle to Miss Des’ree then went over to the walkers to practice her is walking skills. Adelin is trying so hard to master her next big skill and gets closer every day, well done! Kira arrived next and was full of smiles, she enjoyed playing with the pots and pans over in the home corner.

For group time today we:

  • Welcomed the country.
  • Greeted the babies with the good morning song.

Then finished up by singing our handwashing song to encourage the baby’s hygiene.

For activity time the babies enjoyed self-selected activities which included:

  • Reading books in our self-care corner, our self-care corner has cushions, books, flash cards and soft toys.
  • Home corner which invites the babies to explore, pots, pans, sensory bottles, kitchenette, baskets, and eggs with wooden egg holders.
  • On the mini table the babies had a choice of exploring coloured mesh balls or matching colourful gems.

On the highchairs Miss Bronagh encouraged the babies to participate in easter craft. Conor, Kira and Adelin created bunny masks with left over pink and blue paint. The babies enjoyed this self-expression activity and liked observing the mixture of colours. Miss Bronagh encouraged the babies to recognize when “pink and blue make purple.”


When the babies finished exploring the bunny masks, we created bunnies with our feet and continued on with yesterdays artwork. Yuna loved this activity and sat patiently as her teachers painted her foot brown, when they stamped her foot on the paper Yuna gasped with delight. Conor’s favorite part of the bunny art was cleaning his foot with a wet wipe, he smiled laughed and giggled telling his teachers that the sensation tickled his feet. Kira and Adelin had the opposite reaction and enjoyed the texture of the brush on their foot and relaxed into a calming nature.


Over-all it’s been a wonderful day,


Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh