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Good evening,

This morning Miss Valerie set up the yard and invited the babies to discover their creative side. At the table she offered green playdough to Alex, Mason, Conor and Holly, the babies loved the doughy texture and squished the dough with their fingers.  Near the cubby house Yuna enjoyed all the pots, pans and plates, she explored the cooking play centre and opened the oven and placed the home corner toys inside. Around 8am Yuna went inside for her morning nap and was followed shortly by Mason at 8:45am. As some friends went down for their morning sleep Conor, Holly, Adelin and Alex got extra time to explore the toys in the yard. Adelin climbed the obstacle course and used all her muscles to pull herself up and over the soft blocks. Conor took the dinosaurs around the yard and showed his teachers his new toy. Alex and Adelin kept busy with the playdough and enjoyed this new sensory activity, the babies extended further by adding playdough moulds to their dough. Around 9am we enjoyed morning tea outside and loved feeling the cool weather.

We did not get the opportunity to have a group time today. But during mealtime we welcomed the babies by singing them the good morning song and saying all their names.

For todays activities we invited the babies to learn about Irish mythology. Miss Bronagh explained the mermaids are very symbolic in Ireland and we extended further by painting our own mermaids and mermen. We used pink, yellow, and blue paint and encouraged the babies to use their fingers to explore the texture of the paint. During the painting activity we sung the rainbow song to extend off the babies’ knowledge of colours.

“red and yellow and pink and green,

purple and orange and blue

we can sing a rainbow

sing a rainbow

sing a rainbow too”


Mason, Alex, Yuna, Adelin, Conor, Amilla, Kira, and Holly loved all the bright colours, and everyone got their hands in the paint to explore, learn and feel their art. While each of the babies had a turn making mermaids Alex, Amilla, and Yuna played with the new toys in home corner. Adelin flipped through the food magazines that Miss Des’ree brought in, while Yuna did her best to open and close the jars. Amilla loved playing with the food in the baskets and gathered as many items as she could.

In the cognitive area Mason, Conor, and Holly kept their brains busy with puzzles! Holly used the stackers and placed each ring on the pole.  She sat at this activity for a couple of minutes until she completed the task. Conor enjoyed playing with the rainbow stackers and pulled them to the floor observing cause and effect. Mason took all the puzzle pieces out of its pocket and did his best to match them up, this activity was still a little tricky for Mason but that did not stop him from trying. Well done Mason!

We had a fantastic day,

Much love,

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh