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Today in the baby’s room we started our day with a lovely group time sitting on our mat. Teddy enjoyed and loved singing along to “5 fat sausages” and loved saying “bang” when the sausage bust. Poopy delighted in clapping her hands at the end of each song and Travis liked putting his hands up in the air. We also liked the songs Baa Baa black sheep, if you’re happy and you know it and the wheels on the bus. Amelia was a very content and inquisitive participant in this group time, she followed along to the songs very carefully and seemed pleased to be listening. Amelia would smile and then start babbling when the songs were sang. Singing songs and nursery rhymes is a great was for us to foster our language development and helps develop our social and emotional skills.
After sitting down for our delicious morning tea of fresh fruits, yoghurt and berry puree we ventured outside to stretch our legs in the beautiful sunshine. Poopy had a great time playing in the garden, she had a marvellous time removing all the wood chips and clapped in delight as Miss Katrina placed them back into the garden. Poppy then decided she would like to go on an adventure exploring the different reading material in the book nook. Teddy was a keen participant in the inside/ outside play and was very cheeky when Miss Lorraine asked him to stay outside, he smiled his beautiful smile and enjoyed exploring the different areas of the front yard.
For our arts and crafts activity we really liked making beautiful hand and foot print cards to gift to our mummy’s for Mother’s day. Joshua again enjoyed the feel of the paint and like yesterday, it must have ticked his little feet because he smiled and wormed and squirmed with pleasure. Joshua was also very curious as to what his friends were up to and watched intently as everyone else had their turn to paint. Chloe was another keen participant in this experience seemingly having a brilliant time moving and squishing the paints around both on the paper and between her fingers.
Thanks for a great day babies 1


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