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Hello beautiful families,

What a day full of energy ! We were such in a good mood today and had such a great time. After morning tea, we started a play running from one side of the room to the other screaming ‘Haaaaaaaa!’ Then miss Elizabeth and miss Aurelie did it with us. And we were all running and screaming. We loved it so much and were smiling a lot. We put some Christmas music on after that and danced for about 10 more minutes. The excess of energy were out and we were ready to start some painting activity.

Using our index, we made some dots on a toilet paper roll to create some lanterns for Christmas. We used the colors red, yellow, and green. We also mixed the colors together and used all our fingers. We enjoyed doing this activity. When we were all done we went outside for a free play before lunch.

Such a great and fun day ! Thank you so much Babies.

Miss Elizabeth and miss Aurelie.