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Welcome to Wednesday friends,

This morning was buzzing with busy little friends exploring the yard, Mason and  Yuna were the first to arrive and loved exploring the puppets on the mat. Yuna loved the mini pink elephant and took it around the yard. Mason enjoyed the kitchenette in the corner of the yard and picked up all the sensory bottles and handed it to Miss Des’ree. A little while later Conor came and enjoyed the stackers on the mat, Miss Valarie spoke to the children about all the different colours “red, yellow, blue and green”. Holly arrived with a big grin on her face, holly went over to the ball section of the yard and found a mini blue ball that she brought to  her teacher, Miss Des threw the ball as high as she could and caught it in one hand – holly was shocked and giggled when Miss Des caught the ball. At 9am Adelin arrived just in time for morning tea and  Amilla went over to gymnastics for her weekly gym session.

For group time the babies stayed in their high chairs for a group time with Miss Bronagh, we quickly went through:

  • Aboriginal acknowledgement
  • Old Mac Donald had a farm – on the farm they had a dog, duck, cow, chicken, frog)
  • Open shut them

For today’s activity, we talked about animals. Adelin has an interest in dogs now, so we decided to start our animals with dogs. Miss Bronagh asked her friends to repeat the word, ‘dog.’ Adelin, Holly and Conor all repeated the word ‘dog.’ Great job friends. Miss Bronagh asked her friends what sound does a dog make? “whoof, whoof.” Adelin, Holly and Conor all said, whoof, whoof.” Miss Bronagh had three different coloured paint, blue, pink, and orange. One by one our friend sat beside Miss Bronagh and picked what colour they wanted. Miss Bronagh then painted their feet and printed it onto a page. These little footprints will then become dogs. Alex had a go first he picked the colour blue. Holly sat beside Miss Bronagh and watched her friends get their feet painted.  Alex smiled when Miss Bronagh painted his foot blue. Alex then put his foot onto the paper. When he lifted it off and saw his footprint, he was excited. Alex then picked orange for his next colour, Miss Bronagh wiped the blue off his foot, and he laughed as it tickled when Miss Bronagh wiped in between his little toes. Alex then went down for his morning nap. Holly wanted to have a

go next. She seemed so excited to sit in the chair and get her feet painted. Holly picked the pick colour first. She giggles when the paint when onto her foot. Holly knew exactly what to do when the paint was on her, she hopped up and put her foot into the paper. She did this a few times. Miss Bronagh asked Holly what colour she would like next, Holly picked blue. Holly made lots of little footprints all by herself. Holly was super happy and confident. Great job Holly. Holly then went to the quiet corner, and chilled by herself with some books. Amilla’s turn next, she sat on her seat but when Miss Bronagh tried to paint her food, Amilla did not want it. Amilla was happy to sit and watch her friends’ feet get painted but I do not think she liked the feel of the paint on her feet. After watching her friends, Amilla then pottered off to play with the small balls and the puzzles. Conor’s turn next, he waited very patently for his turn. Before he got his feet painted, Conor was playing with the small cars and in home corner. Conor laughed as his feet got painted, and he also knew what needed to be done. He watched his friends do it, so he knew what to do. He stood up and pushed his feet onto the page, when he lifted his feet up, he clapped his hands. Conor used all three colours for his feet and helped to clean his own feet with baby wipes. Awesome job. Adelin had the next turn, she was smiling and happy for this activity. Adelin kept saying, “whoof, whoof,” when she got her feet painted. She picked the pink colour and made such good footprints. Adelin then went to the block’s walker, pushed it around the room, then sat down and build some towers with the blocks. Yuna and Mason were the last two friends left, they sat in their seats side by side and watched as each other made their dogs. Yuna picked the pink colour first and laughed when her feet got painted. She made excellent dogs with her feet. Yuna then used the blue and then the orange. Mason wanted to use the orange first. When Miss Bronagh painted his foot, he looked down at it and wanted to touch it with his hands. I think Mason likes the feel of the paint on his skin. Mason’s feet were a bit wriggly when he put them onto the paper, but his dogs still look amazing! Once Miss Bronagh tided up, we all went outside for some nice fresh air, before coming back inside for nappy changes, lunch followed by rest time.


We hope everyone had a lovely day,

Miss Bronagh And Miss Des’ree