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Today in the baby’s room we started our day playing in the beautiful sunshine while we waited for all of our friends to arrive. Teddy enjoyed exploring all the different areas of the outside yard and especially enjoyed playing with the singing mirror, he then liked wondering over to the water play station where we could splash and splash to his heart’s content.
After venturing back inside we sat down for a delicious morning tea of fresh fruit and puree. We then decided to extend on Fynn, Chloe and Amelia’s interest of crawling and provided our babies with a sensory obstacle course. Miss Lorraine found some popping bubble wrap, a tunnel, stepping stones, a hairy mat, soft mat and a cubby house. Miss Lorraine then role modelled the course starting from the stepping stones making her way to the mats, the bubble wrap, the tunnel and ending up in the cubby castle. The boys had an absolute ball participating in this experience. Travis enjoyed all the different aspects of the course and was very curious about all the different textures. Fynn similarly was a very keen and inquisitive partaker and did a wonderful job at using his spatial awareness and orientating himself though the course. Once sitting in the castle We decided to incorporate our theme “under the sea “into our day and we learnt a funny and interesting song about a turtle.
We then decided to venture outside again to stretch our legs. Chloe and Nevaeh were very interested in the different play stations set up outside. Chloe loved interacting with the amygdala bottles and the shakers and Neveah loved giving Miss Katrina wonderful cuddles. Amelia was very curious to explore lots of different areas outside and was happy and content to engage in all the different activity’s.


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