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Welcome to Wednesday!

This morning the babies enjoyed to warmth of the sun and soaked up the vitamin D. Mason, Yuna and Kira loved exploring the wooden toys and exercised their fine motor skills on the puzzle board. Henry was very excited and ran through the obstacle course and showed his excitement when he went under the bridge.  Holly kept herself busy dancing to the Disney playlist and playing with the activity center. When Adelin and Alex arrived they enjoyed cuddles with their teachers. The morning was beautiful so the babies decided to enjoy morning tea in the yard.

We enjoyed our first group time with all the babies listening contently. To start the group time off we sung Alex’s favourite song ‘if your happy and you know it’. Next Miss Des’ree put on the wiggles and listened to:

  • Rock a bye bear
  • Hot potato

Henry loved this group experience and did his best to follow Miss Bronagh and Miss Des’ree’s movements. Yuna laughed and clapped while Mason pulled himself up and used the chair to stabilize his body so that he could dance with henry. Holly saw the commotion and decided to join in and dance along. Adelin and Alex were absorbed with the entertainment and enjoyed watching the class grove around the room

For activity time it was too hot to play outside so the babies enjoyed indoor activities. On the mat Mason and Kira continued to play with the wooden puzzles. Henry, Mason and Holly enjoyed home corner water play! Alex played with the metal home corner pots and pans. Yuna played with the rainbow stackers.

Over all the babies are slowly adjusting to the new room and teachers.

See you all tomorrow

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh