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Today in the baby’s room we started our day next door playing with all of our friends from babies 2 while we waited for everybody to arrive. Joshua liked pulling himself up against the fence so he could watch all the cars drive in and out of the car park. He was very cheeky smiling and bending his knees up and down very fast.
After venturing back over to our room we sat down on the mat for a group time of songs, we enjoyed “5 fat sausages, 3 cheeky monkeys and if you’re happy and you know it”. Teddy especially enjoyed these songs and did a wonderful time clapping along, Teddy then jumped up and started dancing swinging his arms and bending his legs. Neveah likewise enjoyed the songs as she would clap along when the sausage went bang, Neveah also liked babbling along with the words as the songs progressed.
For our arts and crafts activity we decided to extend on our colour theme and create beautiful bubble painting using striking colours. Travis enjoyed this experience using both his hands to squish and squash the bubbles with the paint. Chloe was inquisitive as to what this activity was all about had a great time participating in this activity. Amelia also seemed to enjoy this textile experience.
We then ventured outside to stretch our legs and get some fresh air. Fynn was a keen participant to engage in the open ended material of the sandpit. Fynn seemed to love the feel of the sand running though his fingers, we then liked to explore all the different areas of the yard. Miss Poppy liked waving and blowing kisses at Miss Katrina all day and whenever Miss Katrina would look at Poppy she would very cheeky smile and wave at her.
For our combined group time outside with our friends from next door we extended on all of our interests by providing action music and songs so us all to engage with and have a great time.
Thanks for a wonderful day.


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