Hello beautiful families

What a fun day we had today with our friends. This morning we did some coloring and Ari helped miss Aurelie to choose it. He said he wanted to do Pepa pig, so we found a nice drawing of Pepa pig at Christmas. Their faces were so amazed when I came back with the prints. A big ‘Wow!” and so much excitement. So all of them enjoyed doing the Drawing, they managed to open the markers by themselves and were helping each other. At the end the babies helped miss Aurelie to put all the lids back on the markers.

Then we played some Christmas song and were dancing with miss Dressa. The energy was there so we went for a play outside. We first helped miss Dressa to build a tunnel with the soft blocks. We liked to destroyed it as well. It was so much fun. After Miss Dressa started to run on the blocks and made us laugh so much. We were taking turn and were running behind her. Sometimes she was even carrying us.
We haven’t see the time this morning it was flying. That’s what happened when you have fun.

Thank you so much Babies, we love you.

Miss Elizabeth and miss Aurelie