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What a great day we have had in the baby’s room today. We started our day outside under the brand new balcony. We all sat down for a combined group time with Miss Katrina and enjoyed participating in some action songs and rhymes. We loved singing glaoomp went the little green frog, 5 little ducks, the wheels on the bus and 3 cheeky monkeys. Nevaeh loves anything to do with music and happily listened and bopped along.
After coming inside for our morning tea it was time for nearly all our little darlings to go down for a sleep. Poppy relished in this one on one time with her educators and loved babbling and telling stories and playing all to herself.
Once we were all refreshed from our sleep we ventured outside to explore our sensory spaghetti activity. Teddy was hesitant at first and needed a little support and encouragement t to try the activity but with persistence ended up having a wonderful time. Travis was a keen participant in this activity and after trying to eat it a couple of times managed to engage and have fun playing with the different coloured spaghetti. Sahara loved the feel of the texture on her hands as she sat there and played nicely with her friends and would often look up and smile at her educators. Nevaeh had an absolute blast playing and flicking the spaghetti all around the outside yard. Max was happy to wonder off and engage in solidary play with the phone cubby house. He seemed happy and content going in and out of the cubby and played with the toy phone.


9.03.16 group 9.03.16 ted 9.03.16 travis