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Welcome to Wednesday!

Today is an incredibly special day because it is Yuna’s 1st  Birthday! In the morning when she arrived, she enjoyed playing with the soft block obstacle course with Mason and Holy. The 3 babies went around the obstacle and experimented with their muscles moving up and down different gradients. Henry and Alex loved the see saw, Miss Bronagh extended on their interest by singing ‘Row, row, row your boat’.  Kira and Adelin enjoyed exploring the blocks and stick men.

We enjoyed lots of group interactions. During meal time Miss Des’ree introduced the babies to the aboriginal acknowledgment.

“here is the land

here is the sky

here are my friends

here am I”

Next, Miss Bronagh and Miss Des’ree showed the babies a few sign language tools to help them communicate with us (compliments of Henry).

For activity time the babies enjoyed soaking up the sun in the babies 1 yard. Miss Des’ree brought out a tent that piked Henry, Holly  and Mason’s interest. They babies ran in and out of the tent and inspected the shaded area. Alex played with the musical play center. Kira investigated the garden and strengthened her muscles on the tummy then sat up.

Hope you all had a great day

See you all tomorrow

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh