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Today when Miss Hayley arrived she could see that the babies had had a wonderful morning playing with all of the toys in the room . . . Literally all of the toys 🙂 so we decided to spend some time organizing the toys and putting all the pieces back together. Lennox and Joseph loved this and thought they would help out by throwing all of the toys out of the draws, then they both walked around with hammers and fixed all the furniture for Miss Hayley. Olivia and Jude helped for a few minutes then they decided to start their own game of peek-a-boo in the mirror tunnel.  Olivia went from side to side peeking through the glass while looked back at her laughing with a big smile on his face.

After the room was clean we all went outside to explore. Lennox and Penny played climbing and jumping games with Miss Stacey. They both loved climbing up the big soft blocks and jumping off the top into Miss Stacey’s arms. After he was finished Lennox then ran around the corner to hide in the window. He played peek-a-boo with Miss Hayley then with Elle. Elle thought the game was very funny and played with Lennox for a few minutes.

Once we were finished outside we practiced our Fire Evacuation Procedure. Overall the babies thought it was really fun going for a ride in the emergency cot, they particularly enjoyed climbing underneath it once we were finished. It has been a very busy but very fun day here in Babies 2.

Miss Hayley & Miss Stacey



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