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We have been busy today in Babies 2. Valentines Day preparations continue, the babies are really enjoying making special gifts for their families. Outdoor play this morning was so much fun, we all enjoyed playing with the sand and water. Jaxon and Lennox loved washing the jungle animals while Olivia and Penny enjoyed pushing the trucks around in the sandpit. Audrey spent most of her morning dancing to nursery rhymes with her friend Blue. Group time was enjoyed by all and it was so rewarding to see them all begin to remember the songs we sing and the actions that go with them. Our room routine is now up on the wall for you all to see, it is my belief that this routine will provide comfort to your children and help them to feel secure within the learning environment. Please see below some Learning Stories from todays adventures.


Penny – 9.2.2016 – 9.30am

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Penny walks over to the mat opposite to where Miss Hayley is sitting. She smiles and looks at her then flops down onto the orange cushion. She looks to her left at the yellow doll, then to her right at the purple doll. She pauses for a moment then lets out a big sigh and smiles as she picks up the yellow doll and gives it a cuddle. She holds it against her left cheek and then her right cheek. She smiles at the doll and says “Hi” softly and the cuddles her tightly against her left cheek and leans forward almost touching her face on the mat. Miss Hayley say “oh Penny that’s nice being gentle with the baby. She likes those soft cuddles”. Penny smiles and continues playing with the doll.

Elle & Lennox – 9.2.2016 – 9.45am


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Elle and Lennox run over to the mirror tunnel and crawl through it one at a time. Lennox crawls through again but this time Elle stays out and hides. She then starts running from one side to the other saying “boo and Raaa” Lennox finds this so funny and begins fast crawling from one side to the other laughing. They both run back and forth to surprise each other laughing and smiling the entire time.

This was a completely independent child led interaction. It was wonderful to observe.