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Welcome to Friday Families, We have had a lovely relaxing day in the babies 2 room. The babies have created a new game which they love playing. It involves lining up all the green chairs at the window or at the fence and sitting on them while they look around at the birds and cars going past. They all sit together talking about what they can see, sometimes we sit back and just listen to their little conversations and other times we join in pointing to different things that we can see.

This morning we spent most of our time playing outside in the beautiful warm sunshine. We spent some time climbing on Mr Frog then tried to find his eyes, ears, mouth and nose. We also looked for his hands and feet. After this we took turns going up and down the slide then Aston and Jude built a big tower on the table. Jude enjoyed playing with the interactive tool bench while Georgie, Elle, Penny and Audrey spent their time sitting in the tent together. During this time Indigo and Ronni were having a nap but when they woke up they had a great time playing with noisy sensory bottles together.

Thanks for a great day babies, enjoy your weekend.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey


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