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Good afternoon babies 2 families. Today we have had a lovely quiet day of bonding and getting to know one another better. Miss Stacey was away today so instead we had Miss Jade helping us out. The day started with some quiet indoor play, followed by arts and craft and then group time. During group time we played musical instruments, Georgie had a turn of the drums and then of the mini piano. She like to press the keys of the piano one at a time with her index finger. Zyanna had a turn of the instruments and then decided she would prefer to read a book, she read all about shapes pointing to each one and asking Miss Hayley what they were each called. Elle layed down on the pillows at the beginning of group time as it was all too much work for her and she was feeling tired. Once she’d had a rest Elle sat up and chose a book to read. Audrey spent most of group time playing with a toy cow. The cow could sing and dance and even went for walks around the mat. Jude and Joseph sat quietly during group time and weren’t very interested in what was going on, when we went outside though they both ran straight to the sandpit area to play with the trucks. They enjoyed filling the trucks up with their shovels and then tipping the sand out again. Zyanna and Elle soon joined in and thought it was a really fun game to play. When we came back inside for lunch we had a spare few minutes to play so Miss Hayley sat down and all the babies had turns sitting down with her and getting cuddles. Nor did they know that Miss Hayley turns into the tickle monster sometimes and everyone got tickled lots and lots. Zyanna couldn’t stop giggling and kept going back for more tickles.

We hope you’ve all had a wonderful week, See you on Monday babies 🙂

From Miss Hayley and Miss Jade  


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