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Babies 2 – Friday 11th October, 2019

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Good Evening Families, we hope you have enjoyed this nice, overcast day!

Our babies had lots of fun this morning, playing in the babies one room then venturing outside to explore. The children enjoyed building with the large lego, listening to some funky Friday music, blowing bubbles and throwing and rolling balls. Our morning was jam packed full of fun!

At 9am we separated and came inside for some morning tea.This morning the children sat in highchairs and at the table, put some bibs on and ate some delicious yoghurt and jelly. This is one of our favourite meals, it is super yummy!

It was then time for George and Mason to go to Tumble Tots. The boys had so much fun and always are so confident when leaving the class with Miss Bea and Miss Kate.

Onyx was very lucky today and had the opportunity to go have a play in the Toddler One room. This will be her classroom next year, so it was very interesting and fun for her to go explore this new environment. We hope to do more and more visits up to the toddler yards for the rest of the year to familiarise the children with what for some, will be their new classrooms.

We participated in two Halloween activities today, the first being a fun sensory, one-on-one activity with an educator where we made little Frankenstein feet. The children sat on a chair opposite Miss Stacey and giggled as she painted their feet green. We then printed our footprint onto some paper, which we would then turn into little frankensteins. This was a great activity for the children’s sensory skills and emotional wellbeing.

Our second activity was just an extension from our first because the children were so interested in the paints. Miss Stacey and Miss Sana handed our paper plates to the children for them to decorate as they pleased. The children used different coloured paints and had a lot of fun being able to let their creative juices flow. Once the plates are dry we plan to turn these into little Halloween monsters. This activity was great for the children fine motor skill abilities and to use their imagination. Well done babies.

Throughout the rest of the day we enjoyed lots of cuddles with our educators, using the stamps, introducing group times and drawing. It was such a great Friday.

Some other highlights were:

Maddy loved helping her educators contact the scrap books. She used the ruler to help smooth out all the bubbles. Thank you for your help Maddy!

George loved sustainable play. He enjoyed using the cardboard cylinders to use as arms as he walked around the room. Very clever George.

Mason was going around to all his friends whilst out in the yard giving them hugs and pats on the head. We love your sense of empathy Mason!

Bowie loved playing in home corner today! As always, he was found playing and sharing all the equipment with his bestie Adam, you two are just the sweetest!

Onyx loved going for a walk with Miss Stacey to the Toddlers room, she took a glance at the big sandpit on her travels and got super duper excited! Next year is going to be so much fun for you Onyx!

Emilia loved playing with the prams and babies whilst out side. She would push her pram from one end of the yard to the other, and even stop and wave to her friends. So very social of you Miss Emilia!

Adam has been such an excellent communicator lately, we are finally able to have small conversations with him which is so much fun! You’re growing up too fast Adam!

We hope you all have a happy and safe weekend and we look forward to seeing you all again on Monday.

Lots of Love,

Miss Sana and Miss Stacey xx

Written by elcbabies3

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