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Hello families,

This morning all the babies 2 settled in well. Babies 1 & 2 had a great play outside exploring the cubby house, going down the slide and throwing the balls around. After morning tea babies 2 explored the room with all the different areas we have set out for them. Arabella found the lights and the stuff doggy in our calm area; Leon was finding the area where we have set up the colour green and Amelia and Hannah loved finding the food in home/kitchen area.

Before coming inside Miss Marina sat at the door outside with all the babies. She sang songs and then called each baby’s name to go inside. This was a very calm transition for the babies. Thorough the morning we did a few small groups, reading stories playing with blocks and sitting in the kitchen area interacting with all the babies, observing them exploring and responding to what they were doing.  For Example – Mia, Wade and Arabella were sitting around the small table and Miss Shawn said, “What do you have Arabella?” As she was playing with the basket and food. Mia discovered the pots and pans in the cupboard and Miss Shawn said, “What did you find?” The babies are responding well to each other well as well as us as Educators.

It is great to see Amelia and Hannah back! We painted Hannah and Amelia hands to create 4 leaf clovers out of their handprints.  This is a continual of our St. Patrick’s Day Art.

Babies have been learning about the colour green and connecting to the Irish festivities. By doing this activity with their hands they are expressing themselves and using their sense of touch.

We also set out green playdough for the babies to explore. This activity gave them time to be free to explore and touch how the playdough felt on their fingers and hands. They also expressed themselves through language. Miss Shawn said “Its green playdough” Arabella repeated “geen” Amelia and Hannah babbled as they manipulated the playdough in their own time and Leon watched Miss Marina roll the playdough and he went very well with using the knife to cut it. This part of the activity babies are expanding on their cognitive and find motor skills. (CI) (TI)

Very clever babies in babies 2! We have had so much fun.

Happy Friday to you all!

Miss Marina and Miss Shawn