January 13, 2017 Babies 2 No Comments

Happy Friday to our fabulous Babies Two families. What a great day we have had!
With the weather as hot as it has been, we made the choice to stay indoors all day. We played with the musical instruments this morning and as they were coming out of the bag, Seb, Fynn, Travis and Indigo sat quietly but with huge smiles on their faces as they waited for the surprise. Chloe, Amelia Grace, Charlie and Elke were trying to peek inside the bag before it was open. When the instruments came out of the bag, all the children clapped their hands with excitement, and they shook, rattled, banged and blew on them for a very long time. Keeping the music theme going, we had our group time with lots of action songs and the children were trying to play the instruments in time with the songs. What a great Babies Band we have!!!
When the music was over, we got out the playdough. Miss Yumi and Miss Lorraine helped to make all sorts of things from the playdough so we ended up with a variety of shapes and animals that the children enjoyed squashing with the rolling pins. Just as this activity finished, it was time for us to have some lunch. Today we enjoyed some roast vegetables with chicken. Yummy!! When our tummies were full, we were put into our cots for a well deserved rest.
As we woke up, we sat on the mat with the babies and bead frames until afternoon tea time. When we had eaten enough, Miss Lorraine and Miss Yumi sat with us in the cool room and we read some stories and sang some more songs. The Wiggles music was turned on so we had a dance to our favorite songs and performed lots of actions to go with the songs. As our Mums and Dads arrived to take us home, we joined up with our friends from Babies 1 to finish off our week.
Thank you for a great day and we hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.
Miss Lorraine and Miss Yumi.

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