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What a fast week this has been, we cannot believe its Friday already! Today we have enjoyed lots of small group interactions. Emilie, Penny, Audrey and Joseph played on the mat with peg boards. We all built towers together then knocked them down and said “oh oh” Joseph and Emilie thought this was quite funny. Jude enjoyed the animal adventure mat Miss Hayley set up for him, he tried to make the sounds of the animals and walked them around the mat with his hands. Indigo had a great time playing on the block mat and almost go up on all fours trying to move forwards. Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey moved between these different activities modeling how to play with each toy and encouraging sharing.

nce all the babies had finished playing we got out some play dough. Everyone sat at the table and each had their own ball of dough to play with. Miss Stacey demonstrated rolling the dough and said “roll roll roll”, this then led to Penny and Joseph rolling their dough and saying “roll roll roll”. Joseph then squished all the dough he could find into a big ball and threw it across the table saying “oh oh”. While this was happening Penny was busy playing with the baby dolls, she bought one over to Miss Stacey at the table for a cuddle. After giving the baby doll a cuddle Miss Stacey made a play dough hat for the baby, Joseph came running over and thought it was amazing. Jude, Indigo and Georgie all sat quietly and played with their play dough observing the others intently and then trying to copy.

After play dough we had some lunch, cheese and veggie toasty’s. All of the babies loved them and ate heaps! After this everyone had a big sleep. When nap time was over we all went outside for a play and enjoyed listening to music, dancing, singing, playing chase and peek a boo through the glass. Thanks for a great day babies.

Enjoy the weekend with your families.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey 🙂


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