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Happy Friday families!

Today we had a fun morning outside playing with our friends from BB1. Amelia, Hannah and Leon loved to play with boxes, we aim for reusing and recycling so what a good way to do it by letting the children explore and play with them, we also let them draw on them but they really like to hide inside them.

Mia and Arabella were playing with Miss Valerie in the wooden steps, Arabella loves climbing them and Mia was observing her and crawling around the steps. Quinn was a very active this morning jumping from riding bikes to kick the ball and hiding in the cubby house, so funny.

We changed our nappy singing some nursery rhymes and finishing with the washing hands song, we washed our hands and sat down to have morning tea.

After morning tea we all sat down at the mat with Miss Marina to keep practising our morning routine, we sang some songs:

-Morning song

-Tim the turtle

-!,2,3 fish

-Row row your boat

They all love the part when they have to scream, especially Leon and Quinn.

They are starting to enjoy it, they clap and smile when Miss Shawn and Miss Marina are singing. Hannah and Amelia didn’t want to join but they observed from the table, hopefully next week at some point they sit down and join the group time. Then we went through the flash cards again, to practice our speaking and vocabulary. When they got bored of the group time Miss Shawn had prepared a sensory activity with egg boxes for each child to sort out on each hole the different materials she gave them. (TI)

there was felt fabric, pipe cleaners, cotton balls, coloured paper and fluffy balls. They really enjoy being messy, Hannah, Amelia, Quinn and Leon enjoyed this activity selecting the different things they were more interested in, then Quin decided to throw everything in the air and had a big laugh about that, so everybody copied him and had a fun time. (S)

After Quinn was looking in the cupboard for papers and Miss Shawn asked him if he wanted to do drawing, he said yes and all of them joined the drawing activity (CI).

What a great Friday we had at Babies 2!

Hope you enjoy your weekend families.

See you all Monday 🙂

Miss Shawn, Miss Valerie and Miss Marina.