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Happy Friday everyone!

Today we started the day playing some music and using the musical instruments to make some noise on a happy Friday like today. Leon and Quinn were using the wooden blocks to stack them and build tower, they also used the walkers to put them in and transport them around the yard, was really nice to see them handing each other the cubes, great sharing! Mia and Wade are getting really confident climbing the obstacle circuit and holding onto furniture to stand up, they will be walking really soon. Hannah, Amelia and Arabella spend lots of time in the home corner playing in the cubby house, but also drawing on the window, and reading books in the quiet spaceThe group time today was lead by Miss Shawn, they sat very nicely and listened to her really well, our babies are growing so fast, They are using their words more often and repeating everything, Quinn repeats anything he hears, Leon said “more, more” with his voice but also using sign language. They sang the usual songs and moved to practice the sign language and words, they pick a book from the basket and did some reading to practice their speaking.

Today we decided to split the group into indoor and outdoor activities so the children can also enjoy the benefits of a small group play experience,


  • ANZAC poppies for our group wreath: today we finish the activity that we started yesterday this is an class art activity that we are doing for Anzac Day, today they got to put some glue in the flowers and sprinkle the black dots in the center of it. We practice our fine motor skills, color recognition and also words like: poppy, flower, red, black, glue, stick, white, paper and circle.
  • Self expression art therapy: today we gave them paint and paper and let them express their creativity and artistic talent. Quinn, Amelia, Hannah, Arabella and Leon have a good grip holding the brush, they like to dip in the paint container the most, Leon likes to make dots with the brush, Quinn and Amelia spread the paint all over. Hannah is very gentle on her art. Mia and Wade had a turn but didn’t last long, they lost interest very quickly, apart from trying to eat the brush 😊
  • Outdoor free/ self selection play: outdoors each child was free to play with anything they liked, we got some wooden blocks that were the focus of everyone today, they like to play with them, put them inside cupboards or containers, build towers, etc.

Overall we had a great Friday, hope you enjoy your weekend.

Miss Marina & Miss Shawn.