August 16, 2019 Babies 2 No Comments

Good Evening Families, 

We hope you have had a beautiful day. The weather has been simply gorgeous today, so we made sure we made the most of it by offering lots of indoor/outdoor play throughout the day. 

Our morning began in the babies one room exploring the fantastic new dolls house that has been added to the classroom. The children sat with educators and identified all the pieces of furniture and began to role play. 

At 8am we headed outside to listen to music, blow bubbles and welcome our friends as they arrived. We decided to move the cubby house so the children had more space to run! We stayed outside a little later than usual today as we were all so settled and happy.

When we went back into our classroom we prepared for morning tea by having a big drink of water and ate up all our raisin bread and fruit salad! 

After morning tea, it was time for George to go to Tumble Tots and we said goodnight to Isla. When George returned it was time for a fun science experiment outside! We made a Volcano! 

Firstly Miss Stacey mixed the bi-card, dish soap and food colouring and watched this ingredients turn into a slime like consistency. The children were amazed by this and loved watching Miss Stacey scoop the slime. We then took our ‘volcano’ outside to the black trough to prepare ourselves for the explosion. The children sat eagerly around the trough, but soon decided they really wanted to be apart of the action by sitting IN the trough to get right up close and personal with the eruption. Miss Stacey slowly added the Vinegar to our volcano and ‘BOOM’ we watched it explode. It was super exciting and the children were amazed! Miss Stacey erupted the volcano 4-5 times so the children could watch the magic of all these ingredients reacting to one another. This was so much fun! 

After we had finished the experiment the children chose to stay outside, playing in the cubby house, role playing with the dinosaurs and building with the duple blocks. We also enjoyed watching Mr Nick blow the leaves out of the car park using the blower. 

Highlights of Today: 

Maddy and Emilia loved playing together, they were very social with one another, sharing toys and chatting gibberish to each other. 

Isla like playing in the block area, using to blocks to bang them together to make a loud noise. 

Adam and Zephyr were best buds today, they loved sitting next to each other at meal times, encouraging one another to finish their food. 

Bowie loved playing peek-a-boo in the cubby window today. He would duck down so he couldn’t be seen, then pop his head up and laugh. 

George was our expert bubble blower today. He showed us how amazing he was at blowing bubbles all on his own. Well done George. 

Thank you for a great day babies, and even more fabulous week. We hope you have a happy and safe weekend, whatever you may be doing. 

See you next week, lots of love. 

Miss Stacey and Miss Sana xx 

Written by elcbabies3