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Our Day in Babies……

We have had such a lovely day in the babies room with our beautiful friends Georgie, Zyanna, Elle, Penny, Joseph, Jude, Indigo and Audrey.

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Miss Hayley was away today so Miss Jo joined Miss Stacey for a fun Friday!!

We began our day with a short group time on the mat. Miss Jo brought in some fun new puppets to sing along with and Georgie, Zyanna, Elle, Penny, Audrey and Jude enjoyed listening to some new songs and some familiar songs too. We sang:
• How does a caterpillar go?
• 5 cheeky monkeys
• Baa Baa Black Sheep
• Mr Frog
• Galloomp

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After our morning tea we enjoyed a lovely play outside under our shady veranda area. We did attempt to encourage the children to keep their hats on their heads. Penny was doing a great job at putting hats on her friend’s heads. We brought the musical instruments outside and Penny, Audrey and Georgie did a great job at playing along to the songs Miss Jo was singing. While outside Joseph found a ball and was doing a great job at throwing it around the yard. He also had fun climbing up the little fort with his friend Elle.

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After an enjoyable play outside we prepared a painting activity for the children to participate in. Using the toddlers foot prints we made little carrots for the Easter Bunny!!! Zyanna was very eager to participate in this activity and had her foot on the table ready as she watched her friends take their turns. Audrey, Joseph, Elle, Zyanna, Penny and Jude all had fun getting their feet painted. Georgie wasn’t very interested in the painting activity but instead was very intrigued with a torch she found in the toy box. Georgie sat on the mat and watched as the light on the torch changed colour.

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After Indigo woke up from her morning nap she was eager to play and explore on the mat with Miss Jo, Miss Stacey and her friends. We all sat together on the mat sorting out puzzle pieces. Indigo had fun banging her puzzle piece on the puzzle board.

We have had such an enjoyable day in the babies room.
We hope to see you all tomorrow for our Easter Celebrations!!
Have a lovely weekend.
Miss Jo & Miss Stacey