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Today has been a super happy day in babies 2. We were all happy when our mums and dads dropped us off hurray!! We started our morning with some outside play in the babies 1 yard with Miss Katrina. We loved playing with the water table and in the sandpit. We also enjoyed building block towers. When morning tea arrived we went inside to eat, it was super yummy. We had fruit and organic raison toast. After morning tea we sat down for Group time with our new friends Indigo and Natalia. We sang some songs and read the book ‘Dear Zoo’. Penny knew all the actions that went with the songs and at the end of each song she blew kisses and clapped her hands. Indigo bounced up and down with a big smile on her face while Zyanna and Joseph copied all the moves to Three Cheeky Monkey’s. Natalia sat with her mum and watched intently while Elle and Georgie sat with Miss Camilla. Group time was so much fun and is becoming a really important part of our daily routine.

After group time we went outside to explore in the big yard. Indigo had a jump in the bouncer while Elle and Zyanna filled their buckets with sand and made a big pile next to Miss Hayley. Penny and Audrey had a play on the slide then sat down with Miss Hayley to read a book about shapes. Joseph and Jude were playing with the water then ran over to listen to the story with Miss Hayley. After the story was finished Miss Stacey began a game of follow the leader, all the babies were following her around and then they each had a turn at climbing over the bridge. Miss Hayley joined in helping Penny and Georgie over the bridge then we all went inside to cool off and get ready for lunch.

Enjoy your weekend with your families and we will see you next week. 🙂

Miss Hayley & Miss Stacey


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