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Our day in the Babies Room……………
Miss Jo and Miss Stacey were joined by Zyanna, Jude, Indigo, Penny, Elle, Georgie and Audrey for a wonderful happy day in the babies room.
We had a happy group time with some singing with Miss Jo’s finger puppets. Zyanna, Elle, Penny and Audrey wiggled and moved around to some familiar songs. We sang:
• Baa Baa Black Sheep
• 3 Cheeky monkeys
• Old Mac Donald
• Galloomp
• Mr Frog
Zyanna had an interest in painting today so we used cotton buds as paint brushes and painted some round paper plates. This activity encouraged turn taking and fine motor development. Zyanna, Jude, Penny, Elle, Georgie and Audrey all participated in this activity.
Georgie had an interest in selfies so Miss Jo and Georgie took a self during activity time. Penny was excited to have a turn too and she took a selfie with Miss Stacey!
Miss Stacey and Miss Tara set up a play dough experience for the babies during activity time. Jude, Zyanna, Audrey, Elle and Penny all enjoyed feeling the texture of the play dough and used some tools to roll the play dough.
Thanks for a great day babies. Have a wonderful weekend!
Miss Jo and Miss Stacey