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Happy Friday everybody!

Today we had a busy morning rocking the babies and singing MissPolly had a dolly, Arabella, Hannah and Amelia roleplayed with the babies rocking them, putting them in the bath and patting them to sleep. They also moved to the kitchen area with the babies to cook some food for them, Quinn was already playing there with all the pots and pans, using the sensory bottles to spice up his meal. Mia has been exploring every corner of the yard, playing with the walker using her hands to explore all the wheels and abacus, holding herself into everything to put herself into standing position, exploring the kitchen, she climbed the obstacle circuit and the steps with Wade, they like to follow each other. Wade has been also holding into the furniture to go up to standing. Leon and Quinn like to play together and have been following each other around the yard engaging into running, riding the bikes, climbing the frog and the obstacle circuit, roleplaying in the kitchen and kicking balls.(CI)After morning tea we sat down for group time, all of them went to the mat and sat down, we add today the 5 little speckle frogs and Galum the frog as today we are focusing one of our activities in Leon’s interest on frogs. Leon says “croak, croak” for the grog noise so today we made some noises during grouptime.

-Suncatchers: we used yellow, orange, red and brown coloured papers to create a group collage and after cut out suncatchers to make our window fall tree. They love to put the hand in the bucket and get little papers to stich on the contact, once the paper its over Hannah and Amelia like to pull out the papers 😊

– Green speckle frogs: today we painted green frogs and used sand to create the speckle look on top. They love mixing materials like paint and sand, they spread the sand on the paper, some like Quinn, Arabella and Isaac are very gentle picking the sand with their fingers and sprinkling it on the paper. Hannah and Amelia love to just spread their hands on top of the paint, getting really messy 😊

After we all washed our hands and went outside for a play.


Hope you enjoy reading the program, have a great long weekend.


Miss Marina & Miss Jess