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Good Afternoon Families, It has been a very chilly day at school today. We spent a small amount of time outside this morning while the sun was out but soon ventured back inside to warm up. We spent our morning taking part in a variety of different activities. We played with sensory bottles exploring their differernt colours and sounds, sorted shapes into their corresponding holes and played musical instruments. Penny showed an interest in the camera after seeing Miss Hayley taking photos so we made a game out of that by getting together in groups and posing for photos then looking at the photo and saying the names of who was in the picture. Many of the babies took part in this game and enjoyed posing for the camera.

After the camera game was finished we all sat down for group time. We sang: Open Shut Them, If your happy and you know it, Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The babies all joined in and did the different actions to each song. Next for our planned activity we played with pink play dough. We used shape cutters, rolling pins and pretend pizza cutters to shape and mold the dough. We used this time to talk about shapes and colours. Soon after this it was nap time, the babies enjoyed a nice cosy sleep.

Once the babies were all awake we put on Wiggles radio and danced to lots of our favorite songs. We danced to Simon Says, Point your fingers and do the twist, Rock-a-bye your bear and The Hokey Pokey. Elle, Penny, Audrey and Indigo all seemed to enjoy dancing and bobbing around to the beat while Aston and Georgie enjoyed watching the others and listening to the music.

Thanks for a great week babies. please stay safe this weekend in the wild weather and we hope you have a great weekend with your families.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey 🙂 



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