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Good Afternoon parents and families. Today has been another wonderful day in the babies 2 room. We spent most of the morning creating our Flower Garden/Birthday Calendar, the babies helped by using lots of bright colours to decorate the cardboard. Each of them also had a turn at helping Miss Hayley cut out the flowers with safety scissors. Some of the babies made lovely crayon drawings while others made rainbow collages.

Once we were finished our craft activities we all sat down on the mat for Group Time. We sang all of our favorite songs and a few new ones including Baa Baa Black Sheep and Sing A Rainbow. We then got out the musical instruments and each of the babies had a turn at playing some tunes. We finished off with a book called Dear Zoo.

In the afternoon after our naps we played with some squishy blue play dough. Zyanna loved squishing and squeezing it between her fingers while Elle and Audrey enjoyed banging the dough with the rolling pins. Joseph and . Jude liked to poke the play dough with their fingers. Penny and Indigo sat with Miss Stacey and rolled the play dough into worms, Penny loved this and gave them cuddles while Indigo thought they looked tasty enough to eat. 🙂

Enjoy the weekend with your families we will see you on Monday.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey


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