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It has been a wonderful day here in the Babies 2 room. We started our day outside in the yard playing with sand, streamers and animals. We made the most of the cooler weather and beautiful breezes watching the wind blow the streamers from side to side. Audrey, Penny, Zyanna and Elle particularly liked this activity placing the streamers onto their heads and watching them blow around. Soon after this Miss Katrina made up a big tub of sensory foam, all of the babies loved this. Jude was the first to touch the foam, and with a very excited face he reached in and grabbed a big handful. He quickly became very disappointed though when he realized it wasn’t food. Next Penny and Audrey dove in with both hands touching and squeezing the foam. They both enjoyed washing different toys with the bubbly foam and got it everywhere! Zyanna and Elle were more reserved and preferred to observe the others only touching the foam with one hand.

During morning tea Joseph and Georgie arrived. Once we had all finished eating we headed back outside for more fun. Joseph enjoyed climbing up and sliding down the slippery dip and playing with the bubbler. Georgie played in the bouncer for a while then joined Miss Hayley to play with some sand. Penny and Elle decided to gather up everyone’s bags and make a pile of them outside the door, while Zyanna decided to make a sand pile on Miss Hayley’s shoulder.

Today has been so much fun! Enjoy your weekend Babies 2 Families.

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