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Happy Friday families!

This morning the babies 2 explored the outdoor and indoor environment with babies 1. They crawled along the soft cushions and into the cubbyhouse. Quinn was playing peekaboo games with Mason. They were giggling and laughing together. Wade explored all around the playground and Arabella discovered the new kitchen set up in our babies 2 room.

Today we had a small group with just 4 babies so we had time to have one on one time with them and throughout the day we had some small groups with reading stories and singing songs.

For today’s activity Miss Marina gave the babies a change to have a turn doing red footprints. Miss Marina repeated red, “Arabella can you say red?” Arabella repeated red. Quinn loved the tickle on his feet as he laughed when Marina touched his foot.

They also played with the new toys we got for the home corner, we got some veggies, pans, pots and utensils to cook, Quinn and Arabella loved to roleplay around the kitchen.

We all had a fun and calm day today 🙂

Hope you all have a nice weekend.

Miss Shawn and Miss Marina