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A big hello to all of our families and welcome to our floral friday!

It was that time again today where we celebrated floral friday together. Today’s activity was  one to promote our senses of sight, smell and touch. We used a beautiful pastel pink playdoh that had been scented with lavender essential oil, we then collected lots of flowers from our Kindy garden and had lots of fun making our own little gardens by placing the flowers into the playdoh, we talked about how the flowers and playdoh smelt, reinforcing “nose” for smelling we asked the babies about what we could see with our “eyes” and how the flowers, leaves and playdoh felt with our “hands”. We had a lot of fun together as we sorted through the leaves and flowers together and created with the playdoh.

Today we will be beginning to hand out the raffle tickets for our classroom Christmas party hampers, If Valerie or myself miss you this afternoon we will place tickets in the children’s bags.

We wish you all an amazing and safe weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week……and sharing lots of our Christmas craft adventures with you as we really dive in with our Christmas spirit:)

Miss Rochelle and Miss Valerie xoxo