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What a lovely day we have had today in babies 2. Miss Stacey is away on a short holiday so we are all missing her but we are still having fun at kindy. Our morning started with outside play. Miss Cheryl and Miss Amy played with us outside this morning until Miss Hayley arrived. Miss Cheryl sat with Elle and Penny at the table and did some drawing while Miss Amy helped Audrey, Georgie and Jude take turns on the slide. When Miss Hayley arrived we all went in for group time. Today we decided to do group time at the table while morning tea was being served. Miss Hayley made funny sounds on the table to get everyone’s attention then encouraged the babies to copy her actions. Joseph and Penny loved banging their hands on the table to make funny noises. After watching for a minute or so Emilie followed along and started making funny noises also. Soon all the babies were joining in. Next Miss Hayley held up her fingers and started counting to five, “one two three four five” she said. All of the babies watched and held their hands up then tried to say the different numbers. We then went on to count in French and Spanish to five. Next we sang the following songs:
• Open Shut Them
• 3 cheeky monkeys (Elle and Penny)
• Galoomp (Olivia and Indigo danced to this song)
• If your happy and you know it
• Twinkle twinkle (Elle did all the actions).

After group time we enjoyed fruit salad for morning tea then had interest based free play inside. Each of the babies got to choose an item from the self select draws to play with for the day. Joseph chose the animal figures, Emilie and Penny chose the peg boards and Elle chose the puppets. The children played both with teacher guidance and independently for the next 30 minutes. After playing we put on some music and danced to the wiggles and did the hokey pokey dance. 

The rest of our day was spent reading books, drawing, playing with play dough and playing outside.

Thank you for a lovely day babies. Have a safe weekend and we will see you on Monday.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Cheryl

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