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This morning we started the day playing in BB2 room combined with our friends of BB1, Miss Marina read some books to Hollie, Mia and Vance. We went to play outside after the reading. Quinn has been pushing the mower all over the yard and inside the rooms, he loves it. Hugo was playing with Hannah and Amelia in the cubby house. Arabella, Quinn and Amelia climbed the steps up and down, Leon joined them and rode the bike around the obstacle circuit. He was very curious about the birds that were sitting on the fence. Mia like to hold herself into the foam blocks and push them, it seems she enjoys to crawl into her knees and half standing up 😊

On group time Miss Alex read 2 books , the jungle and under the sea, is a sensory book where they can touch some felt parts and discover the animals hiding behind, Hugo, Quinn, Mia, Arabella and Hannah enjoyed the reading time but didn’t last long , they just went away to play .

We did some water play for activity time. Based on Quinn’s recent interest about the word turtle we used a little plastic box with blue water and sea animals.

Hugo, Quinn and Arabella were the ones that engaingd in this activity splashing and throwing the animals in the water, smiling at each other and Quinn saying:

-Turttle! Turttle!


They had fun and the activity was over when they tipped all the water out of the box😊 was really funny.


Overall we all had an amazing Friday!

Have a nice weekend families.

Miss Shawn and Miss Marina.