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Hello to all our families!

Happy Friday! We have all had an eventful day! This morning Quinn started saying 1,2,3 and standing on the soft cushions, looking like he was going to jump off, he looked at Miss Shawn, jumped off and gave a high five. Amelia, Leon, and Hannah saw what he was doing and followed. Then babies 1 joined in too. They had so much fun doing high fives and giggling as they jumped.

Group time today we sang our good morning song. Miss Shawn sang everybody sit down and all the babies walked over to the mat. We had Quinn, Amelia, Hannah, Leon and Arabella in the group. Babies 2 are getting better at their listening skills every day. Quinn, Arabella and Amelia used the sign language for “More”. This is fantastic to watch the babies learn by doing.

Activities we did today :

First Activity was initiated by Hannah as she saw the chalk board on the floor. Miss Shawn brought out the chalk for the babies to use on the chalk board and on paper. Quinn tried to repeat the word chalk a few times, while Arabella was exploring where to use the chalk, Amelia and Hannah took the paper and laid on their stomach on the floor to draw on the paper. All the babies did something completely different.

Second Activity was free painting with light colours. As we are moving away from Easter and moving into Anzac Day, we thought we would do a Mural with an Anzac. All the babies love painting. Amelia, Quinn, Hannah and Arabella sat and made their own creations. Wade and Mia had a turn when they woke up. Most young babies seem to explore the tools like the paint brushes and become familiar on how to use them.

They are had so much fun exploring and discovering today.

Please come to us if you have any questions or concerns. We are always happy to help you and your little ones.

Otherwise Have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Shawn and Miss Ione