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Today has been a lovely day in the babies room. Our day began quietly with puzzle play and reading stories, then the babies each chose a toy or activity to put out in the room for the day. Penny and Jaxon chose the coloured window blocks and started a game of peek a boo with them. Miss Hayley joined in their game and then Olivia decided to join in. Audrey was observing the game from the other side of the room then came over to have a turn. They all smiled and pulled funny faces as they played peek a boo with the blocks. After the room was filled with our favorite toys we all went outside for a play.

The yard today was set up with a drawing table, quiet reading area, obstacle course, block mat, home corner and a nature themed sensory tub. The nature table contained pine cones, leaves from the trees in our yard and bark. The babies seemed cautious at first when going to touch the materials but soon they explored the different objects. They seemed especially interested in the pine cones but then not too sure about their texture. As the day went on they became more comfortable touching them and had lots of fun exploring.

There were also lots of colourful balls in the yard, Audrey Penny and Emilia picked up the balls as soon as they walked outside. They ran around with them and threw them at Miss Hayley. Miss Stacey sat down with them all and started playing a ball game, Jaxon and Emilia enjoyed throwing the ball then catching it again. Audrey enjoyed throwing the small tennis ball while Penny preferred the large red ball. They all ran around the yard chasing the balls as Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey threw them back and forth. While playing Jaxon found the yellow digger trucks so Miss Hayley pulled them out and set them up near the garden bed. He enjoyed digging up the bark with the truck and making piles of it around the yard.

After a busy morning outside we went in for group time. Today we had group time at the table while we waited for lunch. We practiced counting, saying hello, talking about our faces and saying our names. We also played a game of peek a boo and made sounds with our hands on the table. Then we sang the following songs:
• Open Shut Them
• 3 cheeky monkeys (Elle and Penny)
• Galoomp (Olivia and Indigo danced to this song)
• If your happy and you know it
• Twinkle twinkle (Elle did all the actions).

After lunch Penny and Audrey had a very sweet interaction where they were cuddling and saying hi to each other. It lasted for a few minutes and was special to watch. We spent the rest of the day playing outside, singing, dancing, drawing, playing with play dough, exploring the sandpit, venturing through the obstacle course and reading books.

Thanks for a wonderful day babies.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey


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