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What a lovely day it has been in the babies 2 room. This morning Stacey and I were greeted by all of our friends who gave us huge cuddles and smiles as we walked in the door. Some have even started saying our names when we arrive which is just beautiful to hear. Today we had a huge group time all about books. We started with our usual songs and games but then the babies took over and began bringing me books. One by one all of the books in the classroom were bought over for me to read, they absolutely loved listening and copying words. We also played a game of what’s that(pointing to an object in the book)? Penny and Audrey enjoyed playing this game. Next we played a game where the babies had to point to parts of their faces and bodies, Jaxon and Olivia were eager to find all the different parts of their bodies and especially liked finding their tummy’s. Natalia was just arriving at this time and smiled as we all poked out our tongues, she then copied and poked her tongue out at us. Parkers favourite part was wiggling his ears and nose. Evan and Indigo were asleep during group time so they missed out on some of the fun but once they were awake we all went outside to play fun games together. Evan enjoyed playing peek a book in the tent with Olivia while Indigo enjoyed chasing Miss Hayley while she was trying to take photos and playing with the toy phone.

Thanks for a great day babies, see you tomorrow.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey

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