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Good afternoon to all of our families and welcome to our rainy day full of fun…..

As christmas gets closer today we decided to make our special reindeer food all ready for guiding Santa and his reindeers safely to our homes. We each took a turn at mixing and adding the ingredients in our big bowl, their were lots of smiles as we saw the sprinkles and admired there pretty colours again each of us having a turn at adding our magic sprinkles. Once the mixture was complete we practiced with our spoon scooping carefully the mix into little bags for us to take home GREAT TEAMWORK babies two! Our class made plenty of extras for our friends that are not here today so we will make sure everyone gets to take a bag home this week. We also enjoyed our building blocks today and exploring stories from our book basket.  A great start to our week!

We hope you all have a wonderful evening and stay safe on these very wet roads.

Miss Rochelle and Miss Valerie xoxo