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Good Afternoon Families. Today we have been busy making Easter craft. All of the babies had a turn at painting bunny ears in baby blue and pink. Once they are dry we will be sticking fluffy cotton balls onto them which will look like fluffy fur. Natalia was the first to have a turn, she chose to paint with both colours making her ears a lovely mixture of the two. Audrey chose blue and painted very carefully all over the ears. Olivia chose pink and quickly tried to smoosh the paint around with her hands. Evan was a little unsure at first but once Miss Hayley showed him what to do he thought it was a very interesting activity. He enjoyed moving the brush around and watching it spread the paint all over the paper bunny ears. Emilia and Penny were next, they both chose a combination of blue and pink painting. They painted one ear in each colour. Jaxon was last to complete his painting, he thought it was so much fun that he wanted to paint Miss Hayley as well. He chose blue with a bit of pink and brushed very fast moving the paint around, then he slowed down and started making spots with the brush.

Later in the day we spent some time outside playing with Rainbow Sensory Rice. The babies enjoyed picking it up and then sprinkling it all over the table. We discovered that rice makes a great sound and also that it can slide down the slipper dip.

Thank you for a wonderful day babies.

See you tomorrow

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey   


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