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Happy Monday families,

Today Hugo, Hannah and Amelia were sitting in the babies corner for a little while rocking the babies and cooking food in the home corner for them, Amelia and Hannah handle the babies to Miss Jess and rock them in the little cots. Hugo tried to put one of the babies to ride a bike, but it kept falling so he jumped in and rode the bike for a while. Leon was doing the same, riding the bike up and down the yard and climbing the obstacle circuit. Wade and Mia were happy crawling around the yard, they both are trying to hold themselves in the furniture they find around to stand up. Arabella went to gymnastics very happy, she came back with a stamp that showed to everyone and Miss Kate said she did really good today.

We went inside for a nappy change and morning tea.

After morning tea we sat down in our Calm corner to do a group time, Quinn was very keen to sit down and start, he started clapping of excitement 😊 Amelia, Hannah, Leon and Arabella all sat down around Miss Marina and started their routine singing songs and mimicking her gestures. We practice the sign language too, Hannah and Quinn were saying “more, more..” using their hands but also their voice, Arabella and Amelia said more more as well. (TI) After singing songs we went through the flash cards for colours, the past weeks we’ve been learning the colours and this week we are going to revisit blue, red and green, we will add yellow and orange at the end of the week and learn about rainbows . Blue was the colour to practice on today, we showed them how we can have different shades of blue and what was the activity we were going to make today. They were very interested and listening really well.

Today for activity time we did again a wall collage using contact and little pieces of paper, felt and tissue paper in different blue shades. Hannah and Amelia were the first ones showing interest in this activity, they picked one little piece of paper and put it on the wall, Amelia tried to put the papers in the side of the wall where there wasn’t contact so the papers were falling to the floor, she said: oh.. oh… Miss Shawn showed her the part of the wall that is sticky so she tried again (1:1) They were saying: more, more! And feeling the contact with their hands. Quinn and Arabella joined the activity very soon, they all enjoyed it, Quinn said: blue, more and wall. Arabella grabbed the little papers and said more, more as she was placing them in the wall. They found the felt in the bucket and really liked the feeling of that material, they also tried to pull it out a few times. They really enjoyed it, were playing there for at least 15 minutes.

Leon was building towers with lego and wooden blocks(CI)

Quinn started to run inside and going to the window, Amelia and Leon started to do the same, they stopped a couple of times at the window pointing the new toys so we went outside for a run and play, today they had so much energy.(CI)

-new toys exploration: the first thing they noticed outdoors was the rainbow tunnel, Amelia and Hannah tried to get inside standing up but the tunnel is not that big 😊 we showed them how to crawl inside from one side to another, they loved it! Hannah, Amelia, Leon, Arabella and Quinn they all had a turn and were having so much fun smiling and laughing at each other. Leon noticed there was a big warn tray as well so he went inside the tray and lay down like it was a bed, so funny.

– Blue feet for our blue corner: while outside we also got our feet painted to make thongs out of that, Miss Marina painted their feet as a 1 on 1 interaction remembering them what colour we are learning today and trying to make them say the word : blue. (1:1)

We had a lovely day at kindy today, hope to see you all tomorrow!

Miss Shawn and Miss Marina.